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What is Numu
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NUMU is the safe online space for students to showcase their talents and develop Music, ICT, Literacy and Enterprise skills.

It is the prefect partner to Musical Futures, for supporting personalising learning and engaging hard to reach learners.

This is a ideal way to really engage students in music - Mark Taylor - Head of Music

Inspire, Access and Assess

A unique national chart of young people's music inspires and motivates music creativity.


Teachers can view all of a students work in one place for review and assessment.

Behaviour has been excellent.  Students are very engaged by this - Alexine Johnson - Head of Music

Engagement and Study Support Services (OSHL)

Music engages hard to reach learners and with NUMU you can deliver a wide range of quality educational activities both in and out of school.

Behaviour has been excellent.  Students are very engaged by this - Alexine Johnson - Head of Music

ICT, Literacy, Enterprise and more

Using NUMU students create their own web pages, write reviews and manage a record label providing teachers with many opportunities to deliver ICT, literacy, and enterprise learning in new and compelling ways.

A fantastic package for ICT and Music Learning - Clare Petrov - ICT Coordinator

NUMU: Music at the heart of cross-curricula learning.





School Package what you get
  • An exclusive, updateable area of NUMU to celebrate and promote music in your school
  • A chart of the most listened music created in your school
  • Logins, homepages and portfolios for your students
  • Quickly check and approve all content before it goes 'live'
  • Create online projects and competitions


FREE For Schools

*Music Services, school improvement teams and other organisations should contact us to discuss requirements


Case studies

Re-engaging Dissaffected Learners

Raising Literacy Standards

International Baccalaureate


Stareter Training

Using the concept of an online ‘Record Label’ as a launching point this hands on day is an essential introduction to getting the most from NUMU for staff and students.


Students will create their own web pages and set up their ‘record label’. Staff will experience how the site can be used to support Musical Futures Approaches and be applied across the curriculum in and out of school.


The workshop includes:


*Setting up your label
*Blogs, Pictures, Charts
*Managing Student Portfolios
*Creating Projects
*Curriculum Modules Online
*Safety Online
..and more

£449.00 + VAT


To book your training day please contact us


Important Registration Info:

* By joining NUMU you agree to abide by the NUMU terms and conditions and conduct of conduct for use. NUMU retains the right to refuse membership to any users. Completing the registration form does not guarantee accpetance for membership. For more details please contact us


Non School orgnasations, Music Services, school improvement teams and other groups interested in using NUMU should contact us to discuss requirements.